Our Mission

100% hosts | Our staff is our biggest strengh

Due to a respectful management, continuing education and motivation we are constantly generating attractive workspaces and atmosphere. A happy staff inspires the guests. Our Managers are talent scouts. We are finding, developing and using individual potentials day by day.

Our mission is a self-commitment to the promise we are giving: To our guests, staff and partners. This mission states who we are and what anyone can expect from us.


...we promise our guests

 Commited and warm hospitality

✓ Authentic service

✓ Trust through high quality

✓ Environmental ans sustanable acting

...we promise our staff members

✓ Stable values like honesty, repect and fairness

✓ Support and cohesion in the event of difficulties

✓ Secure and healthy workspace and atmosphere

✓ High level of motivation | Continuing education

...we promise our business partners

✓ Cooperative bonding

✓ Mutual commitment

✓ Trust trough reliability