Take time FOR(A) break 

Already our grandparents new: A hungry stomach is not a good listener. Get an energy boost with our breaks and clear your head again to kick off the next round recovered, concentrated and efficiant.

✓ Coffee breaks | salty & sweet ✓ Comfotable overnight stay
✓ Business lunch  ✓ Underground car park | 150 parking spaces
✓ Fingerfood & snacks ✓ Directly located at the chanel "Mittellandkanal"
✓ Candy bar ✓ Exeptional transportation links
✓ Gimmicks ✓ Free bike rental

Delicious snacks and coffee breaks

Homemade baked goods at you coffee break time and finally a delicious dinner in the evening. We will provide new energy for your speakers and participants to kick off the next round. Seasonal and local, but most of all tasty! Thats how we have choosen our offers for your event in Hannover.

A bright room, equipment, food and drinks - We have already prepared a few attraktive offers for your event. Trust in our longterm experiances.