General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope
Our General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the rental of hotel rooms as well as all deliveries and services by the hotel.

2. Contract Signing
The contract shall be deemed signed upon acceptance of the customers reservation by the hotel. Parties to the contract shall be the customer and the hotel. In case a third party makes the reservation on behalf of the customer and states its willingness to accept the charges, said third party shall be deemed the joint and several debtor along with the customer toward the hotel for all obligations resulting from the lodging agreement. In case the reservation confirmation differs from the contents of the reservation, said reservation confirmation shall become the scope of agreement unless the customer objects.

3. Performance
The contractual scope of the agreement is specified by information contained in the hotel pamphlet and the hotel homepage, plus additional agreements, if any. The hotel shall be obligated to make available the reserved hotel rooms and other booked services. Stated prices shall include the statutory VAT.

4. Room Availability
The guest shall have no claim for availability of any one specific hotel room. The rooms cannot be occupied prior to 3 pm of the date of arrival. Arrivals must be no later than 6 pm. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the hotel may utilize the rooms in any other way if arrival has not occurred by 6 pm. On the date of departure, all rooms must be vacated by 12 noon.

5. Payment
The hotel shall be entitled to request a reasonable down payment after the time of contract signing. The customer shall be notified in writing of the amount and time schedule of said down payment which thus becomes part of the lodging agreement. In case the customer defaults on said down payment, the hotel shall be entitled to cancel the signed contract. Payment for services rendered by the hotel shall be due upon departure of the customer. Any invoices prepared by the hotel shall be payable within 14 days of receipt.

6. Cancellation
Cancellations of reservations made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival shall be free of charge, with the exception of trade show periods and group reservations. The cancellation must be made in writing (letter, fax, email), and shall state the reservation number. In case such cancellation is not made on a timely basis, the hotel shall be entitled to charge 90% of the agreed-upon rate if said hotel room cannot be rented otherwise. Special cancellation conditions pursuant to the reservation confirmation shall apply during trade show periods.

7. Liability
Liability shall be limited according to regulations of the BGB (German Civil Code). The hotels liability shall cover any item brought into the hotel up to a 100-fold amount of the room rate (up to a maximum of Euro 3,500.00), for money and valuables only up to Euro 800.00, pursuant to § 702 BGB. Any parking spaces made available to the customer in the hotel garage or hotel parking area, including for a fee, shall not be insured against theft or damages by third parties. Parking spaces in garage or parking area are not only used by hotel guests but by the public as well. This precludes any custody agreement. Liability shall be limited to intentional or gross negligence by the hotel or its employees. There shall be no liability for providing services by the hotel in case of acts of God or strikes.

8. Final Regulations
German law shall apply. Venue of fulfillment and payment shall be the hotels domicile. Exclusive jurisdiction in business transactions shall be with the court at the companys domicile in Berlin. In case individual regulations of these General Terms and Conditions are or become null and void, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations shall remain unaffected.